Thursday, May 29, 2008

Russell J. Simon

This story...

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AP) -- A convicted felon who became a motivational speaker -- and used his life experiences to warn teens about the dangers of drugs and crime -- is accused of going on a bender, threatening to kill his girlfriend and her son, and smashing a former prison buddy in the face with a statue of John Wayne.

...reminds me of this:

Need more laughs?
Check out his webpage.

* Broken Link. Try this for more good stuff on this guy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


FOX News, and in particular this member of the Elderly Menace, advocate political assassination. When evil, racist old people like Liz Trotta are broadcasting their instructions so blatantly, are we really America anymore? This is what the past 8 years has turned us into.

This Memorial Day, ask yourself: Is this what our soldiers died for?

Old Man Huggies Backtracking

It wasn't too long ago even Old Man Huggies was himself saying he was too old to be President.

Thanks, Things Younger Than McCain.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Awesome Blog. Highly Recommended.

Things Younger Than John McCain.

Old Man Huggies is suprisingly older than a lot of things we consider really, really old.

More importantly, the author of the blog echoes my sentiments exactly:
Before the blog launched, I thought long and hard to see if I could come up with reasons how gender or race could negatively impact on someone’s ability to do an effective job as President… and I couldn’t come up with a single one. But I was able to come up with reasons why age - at least, potentially - could be a factor:

Memory loss
Decreased stamina
Greater susceptibilty to illness
Possible lack of ability to relate to the issues and concerns of the vast majority of younger Americans
And, of course, the increased likelihood of dying in office… throwing the country into temporary turmoil and placing a greater importance of the role of Vice President

Furthermore, I got to thinking how the framers of the Constitution saw fit to attach an age minimum of 35 to the office of the President. Presumably, they felt that people younger than 35 lacked the skills necessary to be able to run the country. While I’m certainly not suggesting that we have a Constitutional amendment creating an age maximum, it does tell me that my line of thinking (namely, that age does matter) is clearly not without precedent.

Now, does all this mean that John McCain would AUTOMATICALLY be a bad President JUST because he’s 72? Of course not (he’d be a bad President for a whole host of other reasons!), but I am saying that it’s reasonable to make the subject of his age - and all that it entails - part of a dialogue about his qualifications… and that we shouldn’t run from the topic because it has an “ism” attached to it.

Welcome to the battle!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A little advice

Republicans, you might want to get a new headline writer. Here's why:

"Stream of GOP convention planners soon to be a flood"

But if you're fine with the GOP continuing to be linked with floods...

Don't Go!

Positively Unemployed officially calls for the boycott of Festival 2008.
To those who don't know, or care, "Festival" refers to the annual Festival of the Arts. And it has definitely stepped over the boundaries of human decency this year.

I urge all my readers to not go Festival this year. You will be better for it.

"Oh, gosh. I guess I'm goin' to Gitmo, donchaknow."

Minneapolis DOES drive people crazy.

FARGO, North Dakota (AP) -- A flight attendant angry about his work route smuggled a lighter aboard an airplane and set a fire in a bathroom, forcing an emergency landing, authorities said Thursday.

The Compass Airlines flight carrying 72 passengers and four crew members landed safely in Fargo on May 7 after smoke filled the back. No injuries were reported. The plane was flying from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, authorities said.

Eder Rojas, 19, appeared in court Thursday, following his arrest a day earlier in Minneapolis, and was ordered held without bail, prosecutors said. The charge of setting fire aboard a civil aircraft carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

His public defender did not return a phone call seeking comment. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn Jordheim, who is prosecuting the case in Fargo, would not comment.

Court documents said Rojas, of the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury, told authorities he was upset at the airline for making him work the route.

I feel especially bad for the passengers. Here they are, trying to flee Minneapolis for the solitude of Saskatchewan, and they have to make an emergency landing in FARGO. All because life is so intolerable in Minneapolis that one of its residents would rather commit an act of terrorism than show up for one more day on the job.

Somebody from the Federal government really needs to take a look at what's going on up there.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is what I've longed to see in print:

Monday, May 05, 2008

Book Endorsement

As soon as I get a paycheck, I'm blowing it on guitar equipment, diamond rings, and this book.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


One year ago today, I walked into my horrible boss's cubicle and gave my notice.

When I was born, the Viet Nam war had just ended, but we are still fighting it. 33 years later, a soldier from that war is running for president, while I stand on the cusp of middle age. There's something wrong here.

In commemoration of my birthday, I need my readers to do a couple of things:
1. Turn your stereo up full blast.
2. Rock out.
3. Do something disruptive.